Coach3 is more than just another coaching service. It is coaching with a difference. Our unique coaching methodology offers not just one, but a team of coaches specializing in different aspects and disciplines of triathlon. The team will collaboratively design and deliver your training plan based on your level of fitness, skills, goals and personal schedule. Your interactive, customized, plan is offered through Training Peaks and will be optimized based on your progress and event schedule. Additionally there are discounts, group sessions, clinics and many more benefits Coach3 offers.

We also offer a single sport coaching plans.

Fee:  Coach3 Multisport $150/month

Fee:  Coach3 Single Sport (please call us for details)

The Coach3 Team:
Rob Cole and Ann Partel
Their combined 50 years of coaching and multisport experience includes nearly every NC triathlon on the season schedule as well as Arizona Ironman and Honu 70.3.

Combined Coaching Certifications and Professional License:
USA Triathlon L1, U.S. Masters Swimming L2 and USA Cycling L3, and RRCA Run Coach.


  • Training Peaks:  We deliver your training plan through Training Peaks.  It is an interactive training log and analytical system which the coaches and athlete use to record your workouts, track and analyze your progress.
  • Workout Design:    The coach team will deliver a collaboratively designed comprehensive plan.  We will use technology, race results and regular assessments to provide you with workouts specific to your current fitness, goals and schedule.
  • Regular Effort Assessments:  Swim, Bike and Run assessments will be conducted  using technology and field protocol to provide us with consistent and measurable results.  Results we can use to improve and adjust your training plan.
  • Coach Lead:  Coached group led workouts are offered throughout the training period.  Rides, open water swims and runs. 
  • Regular Communication:   Coaches are accessible by phone, email and Training Peaks.

Multisport Programs

TRI - Starting January, 2017
TRI is a beginner triathlon program.  Come on its fun. This is a very beginner training program. Small group workouts but designed so we all finish at the same time!

Start to Finish™  12 Weeks
This training program is specifically designed around local multisport sprint events.  Whatever your goal race we have the training program for you.  Small groups so you get the attention you deserve.  Group workouts and individualized training plans.

Tri Swim Plus™
TSP™ is a program for swimmers interested in improving technique and swim performance. Designed by Coach Rob Cole it combines individual technical analysis, attention and feedback.

Emphasis is on technique, baseline assessment, determining TV™ (Threshold Velocity) and pacing.  What's different about this program?  All swimmers are not alike? Considering areas of improvement, goals, experience and physical flexibility Coach Cole finds a swimming technique that works best for you.