If you have any questions please feel free to contact Ann at dutrimultisport@gmail.com

Please note plans are based on a four component workout. 

  • Neurological/Dynamic Exercises
  • Warmup
  • Cool Down

You'll find the Neurological/Dynamic Exercises, Warmup and Cool Down information in the Explanation of Terms Document.

12 Week Sprint Triathlon Plans

There are many sprint training plans available on the internet, books and from friends.  If you don't have one please feel free to use one of ours.  There are two plans one is for the recreational/beginner athlete and the other for an experienced athlete. 

The plans are very general and based on time.  There is an explanation sheet that describes the terms and provides workout examples.  

Training Plans.  You'll find the MAIN SET workouts are based on time.   Always include the other components which will increase the time allocation.  Type your paragraph here.